Why He Needs a New Wedding Band This Christmas

Searching for the perfect Christmas present for your husband this year? Look no further than … his left hand.


There are a lot of reasons your hubby might need a new wedding band – for instance, the fact that he should upgrade to a tungsten ring.


But! If the idea of replacing a wedding ring freaks you out, just remember that the band is merely a symbol of your commitment: it’s not THE commitment. So don’t be afraid to replace with an upgrade.


Might we suggest one of our tungsten wedding bands? Especially if your husband is on the Nice List this year.


To Coordinate with His Outfits


Ladies: you’ve got earrings, shoes, and all of the accessories that correlate with your carefully chosen outfits.


If he looks at you enviously while you decide on the right pair of earrings or what bracelet to wear – maybe he needs a jewelry option of his own.


Bottom line: let your guy have some of the accessorizing fun too.


A shiny new mens tungsten wedding band, completely different from the one (or ones) he has now, would allow him just such a pleasure. That way he too can have some accessory enjoyment when getting ready for a night out (or even a day at the office).


He Needs Something That Will Look Good on Zoom Calls



When you first picked out your wedding rings, you likely didn’t imagine that, one day, most of your social interactions would be spent on Zoom.


But now that that’s your reality, your man really should get a ring that looks good on video chat, don’t you think? Yeah, we agree. And fortunately for you, we’ve selected the top 5 wedding bands that look absolutely amazing on Zoom calls.


From rings that enhance comfort to rings that enhance intelligence to rings that will keep him awake during even the most boring of meetings.


He Needs a Ring Glow Up … or Glow Down


man with wedding ring holding coffee cup


Is his first wedding band a little too simple? Hey, we get it – he probably wanted it to fit in with his day to day. 



Alternatively, is his first wedding band a little too glitzy? Hey, we get it – it’s an important ring to symbolize an important vow.


Either way, he may be needing another ring to balance out the other one.


For something a bit tamer, check out our selection of mens tungsten weddings bands like The Hanson: simple with some subtle zing.


Or for something a bit snazzier, see what you think of The Hank: not-so-subtle gleam with not-so-subtle flair.



You Can Afford Something Nicer


On your wedding day, you might’ve been in a penny-pinching time of your life and a simple band was all you could afford.


Which is totally cool because after all, it’s the symbolism behind the band that’s important, right?


But now that you may be in a more comfortable place financially, it’s also totally cool to upgrade his wedding band. And we’ve got just the tungsten ring for that (well, 34 of them in fact). From rose gold to wooden inlay to some with a secret coating of radiant blue on the inside. Really.


His Tastes Have Changed



While a neon wedding band covered in tiny fireballs might have seemed like a good idea in your early twenties … like a lot of things from back then, your hubby may have outgrown it.


Get him a tungsten ring to reflect his current, classier personality. Something that looks good in more upscale settings. Perhaps something with a bit more style, grace, and panache. Something that will match with his polo-and-khakis aesthetic of today rather than his Goodwill-grunge of the past.


Be sure to keep that original wedding band, though, in case he’s in the mood to throw back a PBR in a Taco Bell parking lot. Hey, no shame.


His Friend Brian Has a Cool Blue Wedding Ring and He Wants One Too


admiral tungsten wedding band


Sure, it’s true that just because Brian has something doesn’t mean your husband needs it too.


But, listen, if your fella has been eyeing a certain token of fashion for awhile … we bet he’d be delighted if it showed up underneath the Christmas tree this year.


And luckily for him, we’ve got a few blue tungsten wedding bands to choose from. Take The Admiral, for example. Or The Officer. Or The Hybrid.


And we bet they’re way cooler than Brian’s.


As always, if you have any questions just ask, that’s what we’re here for. You can email us at info@foxtrotbands.com or fill out our contact us form and someone on our team will be in touch within 24 hours.


We’ll make sure you receive the perfect tungsten ring and top-notch customer service we pride ourselves on. We look forward to earning your business and hope that this Christmas Shopping Guide was at least slightly more helpful than Buddy the Elf in Santa's workshop. Now get back to it you last minute Target shopper, those Starbucks drinks won't drink themselves!