5 Mens Wedding Bands (That Look Great on Zoom Calls)

Though you may not need to wear pants to every Zoom meeting, the top half still matters. That means your hair, your shirt, watch and – yes – your wedding ring. Really! Mens wedding bands can say a lot about a man during a meeting.

Is he composed? Prepared? Polished, refined, and poised?

Can a ring really say that much – you may wonder.

But think again; the right wedding band can get across a subtle yet powerful message – all the while graciously distracting everyone from that coworker’s Bob’s Burgers background.

And your boss’s repeated commentary on how everyone looks like the Brady Bunch.

The Volt


This is the ideal mens wedding ring for the guy who just joined a Zoom meeting but didn’t prepare for the important presentation that he was supposed to prepare for.

“Oh, is that your wedding band that we can’t stop staring at?” Many of your colleagues may wonder, immediately forgetting about that huge report you totally didn’t even remember to do.

You can then tell them that these unique mens wedding bands are made with 100% tungsten; they are brushed with 100% tungsten; and they are finished with 100% tungsten on the inside. To round it all out? A generous portion of rose gold edges. You can also mention that it comes with free shipping, a total satisfaction guarantee, and a lifetime warranty. 

By the time your coworkers start indiscreetly looking up The Volt wedding band themselves, they’ll have forgotten all about whatever-that-report-was-supposed-to-be.

Oh, is that the “Leave Meeting” button calling your name?


tungsten wedding band on mans hand on railing

 The Craftsman


Studies show that people who wear wooden-infused jewelry appear more refined, and therefore are taken much more seriously by their peers and colleagues. 

And therefore are taken more seriously in Zoom meetings.

… Okay, that’s a fake statistic. But you probably believed it for at least a second because it SOUNDS so true. And if it sounds true, it has a better chance of being true – so, therefore, The Craftsman.

This wooden inlay is made up of koa wood, tungsten, and is finished in polished rose gold; which, scientifically, makes the wearer more intelligent..

Yes, that fact is also unproven but look how pretty this ring is!


wood inlay tungsten ring laying on a rock

The Classic


Are you sick of falling asleep during Zoom meetings? It’s exhausting, gentlemen, let’s be honest. (pun always intended)


But if you have The Classic ring donned upon your *classic* ring finger, it makes a really shiny reflection on your screen and can keep you alert and awake for hours! And this Zoom meeting can resume as intended without all that, ugh, power napping. 


And if you need to continue to move your hand to shine this reflection in new places throughout the entire meeting, so be it – but, fortunately, this ring is comfortably light. And the fact you are busy distracting yourself will absolutely not be heavily noticed by your boss. Maybe.

classic tungsten wedding band

The Nitro


These mens wedding bands are so comfortable, your ring finger won’t even notice there’s a ring on it.

Your finger may even wonder if there’s, instead, a puppies soft velvet ear casually gracing your adorned digit 🐶 (Hi I’m Mark, “Hi Mark”, and I have a puppy addiction)

Either way: you can hit “Leave Meeting” even faster than everyone else; and then get back to all that important not-being-on-a-Zoom-call you were doing before. Like surfing Reddit.


mans hand with black wedding band

The Defender


I mean, is there any more that needs to be said? Clearly, wearing a ring called “The Defender” will automatically lead to Zoom meeting domination. No questions asked.

Boss threw you a curveball? The Defender has the answer.

Colleague needs something from you ASAP? The Defender can buy you more time.

Gary made a bad pun? The Defender will give you strength to fake laugh and make it sound genuine.

If you want to dominate every meeting you attend – The Defender has your back. Well, your finger, but your back too.


Gray tungsten ring on black background


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We’ll make sure you receive the perfect mens wedding bands and top-notch customer service we pride ourselves on. We look forward to earning your business and hope that this post was at least slightly more helpful than your co-worker that happens to ALWAYS forget to hit mute. 


Now go put some actual pants on rock your next call.


-Foxtrot Team