What's the Difference between 6mm and 8mm?

2mm. 🤨

What's the difference between 6mm and 8mm wide wedding bands? Well besides the obvious, the choice between 6mm and 8mm may not be as easy as you think.

In general the larger the ring size you wear, the wider the wedding band you may need. Generally if your ring size is 12+ we recommend checking out our 8mm variety.

Ring design plays a YUGE factor as well. The cut of your wedding band has a large impact on the width. Our team on the front lines of ring design curation have hand selected our ring models in either 6mm or 8mm widths to ensure you receive the best dang looking ring we can offer.

A good rule of thumb, are beveled and domed cut bands are more aesthetically pleasing in 6mm widths. For our wooden bands, stepped and beveled, and grooved, 8mm is the way to go. 

In the end, you can't go wrong choosing the style you like most, slap our 60-day guarantee on top of that and you'll look like a genius. maybe.