Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas

In the market for a memorable proposal? Hey, if you’re thinking about popping the question on Valentine’s Day, you’re obviously a romantic. And we’d love to offer you some of our most unique proposal ideas for just such an occasion.

Let the Beer Do the Talking


woman smiling while drinking a beer


No, we don’t mean get a solid buzz before doing the asking (although it certainly would help with the nerves).


If you’ve got a beer lover on your hands, we’ve got one of the best proposal ideas on ours.


First, snag a pair of Personalized Pint Glasses with whatever iteration of “Will you marry me?” on it that you’d like.


Then, on that fatefully romantic night, pour her a portion of her favorite brew and serve it up in her new favorite pint glass. And – how perfect! – you’ve already got the libations to celebrate with!


Spell It with Brunch


couple sharing a plate of pancakes


Make your soon-to-be-fiancée a brunch she’ll absolutely never forget. In addition to the scrambled eggs and mimosas, make a plate of “Marry Me?” pancakes to serve at the breakfast table.


It may be among the more simple proposal ideas – but it’s perfect if you two prefer a more at-home kind of event. And it’s even more perfect if she loves pancakes.



A First Date Reenactment 


man holding a women's hands while skateboarding


Take a stroll down lover’s lane by recreating your first date.


Sure, you may have to get a little innovative as things have changed since then; perhaps the restaurant is no longer in business; perhaps that summertime picnic just isn’t as attractive in the winter; or perhaps you’re not even in the same location as you were when it all began.


Either way, if that’s the case, try a little creativity and imagination to get it rolling. Do you remember what you talked about? Do you remember the nerves? The sparks



Though this first date recap might start the same way – that looming diamond-encrusted question will ensure that it doesn’t end the same way.


A Snowy Proposal


couple kissing on top of mountain in the snow



Living in a white climate? Get your lady bundled up and take her out for a romantic winter-wonderland stroll.


Ahead of time (but not too ahead of time because, weather), splash on a “Marry Me?” message into a clean patch of snow using a dark liquid (red wine, perhaps?). Or, better yet, get a friend to do it to save you the effort of running around and having to guard this odd but precious note.


During your walk, once you see it – hit her with one of these cute proposal ideas: popping the question in the snow.


Even better if there’s still some red wine left.


Assuming She Says Yes… 


groom in suit touching sleeve


Hey, that’s great! We’ll go ahead and offer up our pre-congratulations now!


In that case, you’re going to need to start doing some ring shopping for your own left hand soon. And, what do you know! We’ve got just the thing. Well, the things.



We have an enticing-yet-not-overwhelming selection of wedding bands from which to choose; from Wood, to Tungsten, to Silicone, and more. Or just go with our Top Tungsten Picks for 2021.


But we’ll just leave that there while you figure out the whole diamond situation. Happy proposing!


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