Top Tungsten Wedding Bands for 2021

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In the market for a wedding band? Well – of course you are, you’re on this site. And we’re so glad you came, because here’s where we suggest some of the finest tungsten wedding bands to ever enter your internet browser.


Mens wedding bands are no longer that plain strip of solid silver or gold that men have donned for decades (centuries?). There are so many modern twists these days – and we’d just love to share them with you.


Please, right this way.


Black Is the New Black


man wearing tungsten wedding band


Wrap your ring finger in the manliest color that’s technically not a color: black. You may think this non-color is simple and one-dimensional, and yet, we have many black rings that say otherwise.


Our black rings have so much going on inside: whether you want wood, gold, or just more BLACK.


Check out The Scout, for example: these tungsten wedding bands are finished in brushed and polished black gunmetal with an oh-so-subtle polished rose gold on the inside.


Or for a similar look with less of that rose gold, give The Gibson a once-over. Grooved, domed, polished, brushed, and adored by all who wear it.


More of a black on black kind of guy? That’s where The Nitro comes in.


Your Inner Lumberjack Has Something to Say


coffee cup with a man's hand next to it with a wedding ring


And that something is in the form of one of the best wedding bands for men. At least, we think so in our humble opinion.


Our wooden wedding band collection is a unique yet classy way to show off that marriage of yours. From something subtle like the White Oak Whiskey Barrel + Black Tungsten to the Sierra – kind of like the lumberjack’s sophisticated uncle.


Get Your Grooved On


beveled wedding band on a motorcycle handle


Take a peek at our selection of grooved tungsten wedding bands, a collection of modern mens wedding bands that – we hate to say it – are way cooler than your friends’ wedding bands. No offense, Rob.


The stripes serve to give your ring a bit more of an interesting flair; as you can see, for instance, at the silver-on-silver-on-silver as displayed by The Colonel. Or in the secret hidden rose gold within The Sergeant.


Oh, and what do you know: it’s The Gibson again. Hi, Gibson!


Stepped + Beveled = Love


mans hand on a fence with wedding band on


For some of the most subtly unique mens wedding bands, we present to you: Stepped + Beveled


They may appear to be another traditional wedding ring, but the sloped edges give it that kind of – well, edge – that will make your band stand out among the rest. And for some serious (yet still subtle we swear) flair: some of the rings’ edges are a different color than the ring itself.

For an even more flamboyant yet still suave and sophisticated statement.


Like that time in middle school you put a single highlight in your hair.


It’s the Year of Rose Gold!


mans hand next to coffee cup on table with ring


Trade in your idea of traditional gold: rose gold is IN, everyone. Especially when it comes to tungsten wedding bands.


And, of course, if you know anything about us here at Foxtrot Bands, you know we would never leave you with something plain and simple. (Not that there’s anything wrong with plain and simple. Looking at beautiful you, The Boss).


But we always like to add a twist to the traditional: say, for example, a strip of wood (The Craftsman, of course); or a brushed tungsten outside finish (yep, talking about The Saga); or a full-on multicolored masterpiece (The Pulse!). 


Whatever your ring finger craves – we bet it has something to do with rose gold.


Don't Leave Your Knuckle Lonely


Overall, whatever your wedding band needs may be – let tungsten guide your way (it’s the preferred metal, after all). Our top 5 mens wedding band picks will keep you in the running for the best looking hands and knuckles for 2021. Just be prepared for all the envy.

As always, if you have any questions just ask, that’s what we’re here for. You can email us at  or fill out our contact us form and someone on our team will be in touch within 24 hours.


We’ll make sure you receive the perfect size and top-notch customer service we pride ourselves on. We look forward to earning your business and hope that this guide to knuckle fashion for 2021 was at least slightly more delightful than your 7am Zoom meeting.  Now get back to it you WFH warrior, those Bob’s Burger Zoom Backgrounds aren’t going to set up themselves.