9 Wedding Trends of the 80s We've Been Loving

In recent years we’ve seen 80s wedding trends making a comeback. From groomsmen decked out in acid-wash jean jackets to cascading baby’s breath centerpieces. 


While not all 80s trends deserve a resurgence (e.g. matching neon windbreakers for the wedding party, anyone?). Here are a few of our favorite 80s trends that we are more than happy to welcome back.


1. Choreographed Dance Routines


girl being held up by man dancing


Oh yes, choreographed dance routines are back in a big way (think, Dirty Dancing’s Johnny and Baby’s “The Time of Your Life” finale). You can go on YouTube and search for wedding party dance routines and there are over 10,000 results. 


There is an insane amount of talent out there! People love to dance and the 80s was considered the “golden age” of dance music. The real question is, what song will your wedding party be dancing to?


2. Sunglasses


It’s impossible to find a gift that’s functional and has more of a cool factor than a great pair of sunglasses. The 80s became the decade that it was cool to “wear your sunglasses at night”. If wedding photo booths are any indicator, the wedding party receiving matching shades and wearing them are now a thing. You can’t go wrong with giving sunglasses as gifts to the wedding party or as unique groomsmen gifts. These are timeless gifts.



3. Wood Inlay Wedding Bands


wood inlay tungsten wedding bands


“Mawwiage. Mawwiage is what bwings us together today.”


The Humperdink crafted from tungsten with a polished rose gold interior and a striking contrast brushed gunmetal exterior is as timeless as the 1987 film the name was inspired by, The Princess Bride. The beautiful rose gold color is the perfect compliment to the unique design of this tungsten ring. 


There is romantic nostalgia in these wedding party gifts; seeing wood inlays that were so popular during the 80s making a return in wedding trends makes us smile. You can even find matching wooden watch bands!


The Whiskey Barrel White Oak is another popular wood inlay ring. Need help in figuring out the correct size ring? Find ring sizing info here.


4. Names


If you’re looking for unique groomsmen gifts that won’t ever go out of style, having a watch with your name engraved is as meaningful as it is classic. A beautiful engraved wooden watch is an incredible keepsake that can be worn everyday. 


5. Balloons


During the 80s, it was a common sight to see hundreds of balloons be released after the church ceremony. These days, being more aware of the environment, you won’t see that happening, but you will see balloon archways, balloon table decorations, and balloons attached to the back of the newlyweds getaway car.


Yes, balloons are everywhere. They’re fun, whimsical, inexpensive, and brides and grooms are loving them.


6. Mismatched Wedding Party Attire


A greater number of wedding parties are opting not to have everyone where the same color and styles. Groomsmen are wearing grey, beige, and navy suits instead of the standard black and white tuxedo. Bridesmaids are wearing styles that fit their body shape and personal style preference. 


It definitely has a more 80s relaxed vibe to see a wedding party wearing mismatched attire. The 90s was the decade to add more structure to the wedding party attire with matching styles and colors, from the shoes to the hair. 


7. Brunch Weddings


No longer are weddings being held at specific times on the weekends. More and more churches and reception venues are hosting events throughout the weekdays and typically off-hours. This makes the food and catering tend towards a brunch experience. 


Hors d’ oeuvres and light lunch fare are being served alongside afternoon mocktails and fresh-pressed juices. 


8. Elaborate Floral Arrangements


Voluminous, cascading floral arrangements are overtaking the minimalistic floral arrangements of previous years. Now it doesn’t seem like the carnations of the 80s have made a return (thank gosh!) but exotic flowers, greenery, and even herbs are being crafted into massive decorations in the churches and reception halls.


9. Sentimental Decor


Your Great-Aunt Sharon’s crocheted doilies will be taking center stage on the main wedding party table. We are seeing an abrupt turn from the rustic chic and barn decor that seems to have run its course over the last decade to family heirlooms and sentimental decor taking over tabletops. 


From patchwork quilts passed down through generations to hand-painted porcelain knick knacks, they’re finding their way into reception halls and next to prominent place settings.



The 80s was the golden age for television, film, music, fashion,  beauty, and weddings. The 80s knew how to throw one heck of a party and we’re thrilled with it coming back around again. 



What do you think about the return of 80s wedding trends? 



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