5 Unique Proposal Ideas: Holiday Edition

The holidays are coming, which of course means that it’s the most wonderful time of the year: engagement season.



If you’ve been waiting for this jolly occasion to propose (or, you know, it just feels like the right time to do so), we’d love to help you come up with some unique proposal ideas. After all, she’ll be telling this story for years – make sure you give her a good story to tell!


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Light It Up   

man holding Christmas lights


One of the best things about Christmas is the lights, of course; which is why proposing with lights is one of the best proposal ideas. 


Send her away for a little while (happy hour with her besties, perhaps?) and let the holiday decorating begin. Clear off a wall and hang up a string or two of lights in that “Stranger Things” kind of way (remember the letters on the wall?); but instead of the alphabet, it spells “Marry Me?”


When she gets home, she’ll be in for the most illuminating of surprises. 

Now Bring Us Some Figgy … Wedding


man holding guitar with glasses in a santa hat


The days of Christmas carolers seems to be dwindling – but, just your luck, your proposal can bring them back. Especially if you’re seeking memorable proposal ideas.



Herd together a group of friends to throw on their finest holiday singing voices and head to your partner’s place for good, old-fashioned Christmas-caroling-followed-by-engagement fun. Knock on her door, belt out some melodies, and pop the question. 


And if you’re clever enough, you can totally write a Christmas carol about, say, your reason for proposing. But the point will be just as clear with an old classic. Chestnuts roasting, anyone?


Leave the Proposing to Frosty


couple holding hands in the snow


Bundle up and head outside for a classic snow day activity: snowman building.


After all of the body and head parts are on, don’t forget to include all of the traditional pieces: corn cob pipe, button nose, two eyes made out of coal, etc. When you add the stick arms, tie on the ring to his, well, hand, and what do you know! He went from a regular snowman to proposing snowman. 


Hey, sometimes things are easier said by snowmen. Including cute proposal ideas.


I Dough  

man baking in kitchen


Care to propose with cookies? 


Sure, it’s one of those simple proposal ideas – but, especially if she’s a baker, she’ll love it. Throw on the apron, pour the eggnog, and let the day of cookie baking begin. 


There are tons of directions you could go with this: slip the ring onto the gingerbread man’s hand first; spell out “marry me?” in icing on a sugar cookie; instead of a dollop of jam on that thumbprint cookie, it’s a diamond. You get the idea. 



But truly, nothing says “I want to spend the rest of my life with you” better than cookies. Well, besides a diamond ring, of course.


The Absence of a Kiss Leads to a Kiss


couple decorating a Christmas tree


Remember those “squeeze my cheeks” ornaments? Those little plastic-and-yarn cubes, usually in the form of Santa’s face? 


Traditionally, they’re supposed to harbor a Hershey’s Kiss; squeeze the cheeks, pop out a Kiss, your day just got a little better.


In the world of unique proposal ideas, though, these can easily harbor an engagement ring instead. While you’re decorating the Christmas tree this year, make sure she hangs up this cheek-squeezer; hand it to her and let her know there’s a kiss inside – which, technically, is true. It just comes after a couple of additional steps this time: cheek squeeze, engagement ring, proposal, kiss. 


Your day just got a LOT better.


Fancy a Coordinating Engagement Ring?


It’s 2020, and these days, traditions are going in all kinds of directions.


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We’ll make sure you receive the perfect tungsten ring and top-notch customer service we pride ourselves on. We look forward to earning your business and hope that these unique proposal ideas were at least slightly more helpful than watching a foreign movie with out subtitles . Now get back to it you Christmas cookie King, you don't want Santa getting first dibs!