5 Reasons Women Say “Yes!” to Tungsten Rings

 Tungsten wedding bands are increasingly becoming one of the most sought after wedding band choices for women looking for a more contemporary alternative to gold or silver. Out of all the options, why are tungsten rings for women growing in popularity?  



We know tungsten wedding bands are the greatest thing since...Netflix but let’s talk specifics. Why exactly are womens tungsten wedding bands the best? Here are our favorite qualities of tungsten rings for women.





the womens saga wedding band


Tungsten is noted for its unique markings and it also comes in a wide range of colors. You’ll find vibrant shades of gunmetal grey to a brilliant polished rose gold. It’s a sleek metal with a stunning, modern appearance.



For women looking for more of a classic band but with a contemporary facelift, there are tungsten styles that fit the bill too.







“The most comfortable ring you’ll ever forget you are wearing.”



Bands crafted from tungsten are ultra comfortable. They have a smooth, polished interior that gently hugs the finger and provides all-day comfort. The weight of the band is noticeable and is often referred to as a “comforting” and “satisfying” weight. 



If comfort is a high priority while shopping for your wedding band, you will not find a more comfortable band. Find the correct size band and you’ll discover for yourself why womens tungsten rings are recognized for their lasting all-day comfort. 





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Life happens! Losing a wedding band is heart-wrenching and frustrating, and it sucks! Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are, it does happen. 



After you’ve turned over every couch cushion, floor mat in your car, and gone through every jacket pocket, you are then faced with replacing your band. 



Sadly, if you have a gold or silver band, that’s going to come with another kick to the gut and bank account. While a tungsten wedding band will cost about $200-300 to replace, a gold or silver band could cost upwards of an eye-watering $1,000+.



Prevent the unexpected kick-to-the-gut costs of having to replace a wedding band and go with womens tungsten wedding rings. Your future self will thank you a million times over.







Tungsten rings for women are incredibly durable. That’s why they are very popular for medics, first responders, doctors, welders, and construction workers--because of their incredible durability. 



These bands hold up under the most extreme conditions yet in an emergency situation they can be removed quickly. 







gray tungsten wedding band


Tungsten bands have a natural polished appearance and are also scratch-resistant. Tungsten is an incredibly hard metal. The only thing on the planet that could possibly scratch tungsten is diamond. So unless you’re planning on taking a stroll through a diamond mine and running your fingers along the walls anytime soon, it’s pretty safe to say your band will remain scratch free for a very, very long time.



Tungsten has beauty and brains, and we think it’s hands-down the best choice for womens wedding bandsWhat qualities are you looking for in a wedding band? 




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