Who Should Buy The Groom’s Wedding Band?


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“Who should buy the groom’s wedding band?” 



First, and we can’t stress this enough—there is no right or wrong answer to this question.






When it comes to the groom’s wedding band, traditionally the bride and her family take care of the groom’s wedding band costs and the groom and his family pay for engagement rings and the brides wedding band costs.



If you’re a couple that are taking the traditional route, and your wedding planning is based around honoring long-standing traditions, then the bride and her family can shop for the grooms wedding ring and take care of the costs.



If you are a bride and are nervous and uncertain about what style ring he likes, you can always send him several images to look through and ask him to tell you which band he likes the best and why. You could also send him images (tip: Canva collage feature—super easy to use and free) and have him choose his top three wedding rings.



What about sizing? How do you know what size to order? If you’ve decided on the mens wedding ring but are caught up with worrying about trying to figure out his size, we’ve got you covered  here.






For the non-traditional couple, the ones that are not that into following traditions and are more about doing their own thing when it comes to planning their wedding, there are two main ways the groom’s band is purchased.



The groom can head out on a solo shopping trip and purchase his ring by himself or head out as a couple and shop and decide on both of your bands together.



Shopping together as a couple for wedding bands is a popular option. It can be an exciting time for both of you to get to see more of each other’s personalities and style—shopping for wedding rings can be enjoyable but it can also get overwhelming! From white gold, yellow gold, to tungsten wedding bands, and hundreds of styles. Having someone with you, will help alleviate some of that stress and calm your nerves.



Instead of going out to shop, avoid the crowds, and stay inside! Have a cozy evening at home, get comfortable, order take-out, grab the laptop, and start shopping!



Picking Out The Finger Bling


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With a vast array of incredible options out there when it comes to rings, it’s important to relax and take your time. Do you want to make a statement with something bold? Complement the yellow gold engagement ring with yellow gold wedding bands? Take the vintage route and incorporate a stunning rose gold or  beautiful wood-inlay? What kind of material—tungsten with a sleek, polished grey appearance? Continue to narrow down your selections until you have the one. Just like with your soon-to-be bride, you’ll know it once you find it.



Please remember to enjoy the process (don’t roll your eyes! We see you!). This is an important milestone and if you find yourself getting stressed out…. “STOP! HAMMER TIME!”



That’s right, it’s time to take a break and step back. Watch a funny movie, go out on a spontaneous date night, blast MC Hammer’s  U Can’t Touch This and dance around your house in your underwear, do anything but talk about wedding planning.



Once you’ve selected your rings, make sure to keep them in tip-top condition by going over helpful care tips  here.



Happy Wedding Ring Shopping!



As always, if you have any questions just ask, that’s what we’re here for. You can email us at info@foxtrotbands.com or fill out our  contact us form and someone on our team will be in touch within 24 hours.



We’ll make sure you receive the perfect tungsten ring and top-notch customer service we pride ourselves on.



-Foxtrot Team