Unforgettable Fall Wedding Trends of 2021

Featured Image by Graham Terhune

Spring is traditionally the biggest wedding season of the year, but with overbooked venues, photographers, and wedding vendors of all types, Autumn is quickly becoming just as bustling with weddings. While you may have wanted the ideal spring wedding with flowers blooming and the first warm breezes blowing through, Autumn is equally as beautiful and underrated wedding season. Think outdoor wedding with a backdrop of fiery leaves of all shades and cool breezes with aromatic comfort food and autumn cocktails. Plus, none of your guests will be complaining about spring and early summer heat with crisp fall weather. Sounds pretty good to us! Below we’ve featured some of our favorite autumn wedding trends of 2021 that we certainly hope are here to stay!

Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings have become all the rage since 2020 and we are not mad about it! The key to an ideal Autumn wedding is a great outdoor venue. Depending on where you live and how you time your big day, Fall weather and landscapes can be absolutely breathtaking and serve as natural decor, so embrace it!

Judy Pak Outdoor Wedding Foxtrrot BandsPhoto by Judy Pak

Rich Autumn Tablescapes

Flowers aren’t just for spring! Richly colored floral arrangements mixed with other natural elements like leaves, pumpkins and gourds make for a beautiful Fall tablescape at your reception.

Forever Wildfield Fall Tablescape Foxtrot BandsPhoto by @foreverwildfield

Espresso Bars

It's nearing the end of the reception, but you need that final wave of energy to keep up on the dance floor. Hit up the espresso bar for a little pick me up! Guests will love the option for a delicious shot of espresso (spiked or not spiked) as a nightcap. Serve different types of espresso for a fun tasting experience or offer the option for an espresso martini.

Espresso Wedding Bar Foxtrot BandsPhoto Courtesy of The Wedding Playbook


Velvet Attire for the Groom

Men and women can dress for this trend this autumn with velvet bridesmaids dresses and tuxedo jackets in rich colors. Stay on trend at your wedding while also staying warm! Velvet is just as gorgeous as it is functional and won’t leave the wedding party shivering while they walk down the aisle. A velvet tuxedo jacket is the best way to make a statement this fall- and we fully support it! Not ready to rock a full velvet tux jacket? Pair your tux with velvet accessories such as a bow tie or loafers. Check out men's velvet collections on Bonobos, Indochino, and Black Tie for a full look

Men's Velvet Wedding Attire Foxtrot BandsPhoto Courtesy of Weddingomania

Apple Cider Cocktails

Nothing says fall like crisp apple cider with a little kick. Serve apple cider cocktails (cold or hot) at your reception to keep guests feeling cozy. Add bourbon and garnish with cinnamon or rosemary for the final touch.

Apple Cider Wedding Cocktails Foxtrot BandsPhoto by Tidy Mom


Mini Pies for Dessert

Don’t worry- we didn’t forget dessert! Mini pies are the new cool dessert to serve at autumn weddings this year. These little pies are perfect for large and small weddings- no fuss cutting the cake and everyone gets their own warm pie to keep them cozy on a chilly fall night. No one can resist a cute mini pie perfectly portioned just for them. Serve hot with a scoop of fresh vanilla ice cream if you choose!

Mini Pies Wedding Dessert Foxtrot BandsPhoto by Jen Huang

 Whether or not you wanted a fall wedding in the first place, we hope this sold you on it. Use the natural Autumn backdrops and embrace the cool breezes at your wedding this year. Still haven't found the perfect wedding ring for the groom? Shop our Tungsten, Wood, and Silicone wedding bands for the most comfortable wedding band they'll ever wear. Give us a call at 704-380-0852 or email us at Info@foxtrotbands.com with any questions!