7 Reasons Why You Need a Silicone Wedding Band

You’re a busy guy, and even though you love your wedding band and all that it stands for – sometimes it just can’t keep up with your life. It might get in the way, it might inhibit certain activities, and it might get plain uncomfortable sometimes.



Might we suggest a much more flexible, practical, and trendy alternative? A Silicone Wedding Band, whether you use it temporarily or as a permanent replacement, will solve many of your wedding band-related complaints. 



Need more reasons to turn to silicone? Great. We’ve got seven of them.


Perfect for Men Who Work with Their Hands


man holding ax in plaid shirt

If you’re in a profession that requires a lot of manual labor and working with your hands, a silicone wedding band is just the thing for you. It’s flexible, it’s durable, it’s breathable, and it’s very forgiving. Unlike other rings that you need special tools to remove – silicone rings have a much simpler removal process.


If it gets caught in something, for example, the chances of your ring breaking off rather than your finger are much better than with a metal ring. 


And then you can just get a new one. We’re not medical professionals, but we’re still pretty sure that it’s way easier to replace than your finger.


Perfect for Men Who Work – Out


man working out lifting weights

You might’ve realized early on that it’s difficult to workout with your wedding ring on; your ring may be distracting, or you might lose focus constantly worrying about misplacing it.



As you may have guessed, we’ve got a safer, cheaper, and more comfortable alternative during your sessions at the gym. That’s right: silicone wedding bands for men.



Replace your expensive ring with a silicone one for afternoons in the weight room, games on the court, or laps through the lanes.


A Little Post-Wedding Finger Training


bride and groom kissing under sparklers

Calling all you new grooms: this may very well be the first time you’ve ever worn a ring on your hand for an extended period of time.


And it might not be as natural as your now-wife has made it seem.


You’ll get used to it, we promise; but in the meantime, ease that ring finger into the jewelry world with a little silicone. The material is soft, it’s comfortable, and it’s great for first-timers.


No More Metal Allergy


When you first started wearing your wedding band, did your finger swell up, turn blotchy red, or start itching like crazy?


Don’t worry – it’s not your body’s subconscious response to a sudden lifetime commitment. You may simply be allergic to your ring’s certain type of metal.


Replace that allergy-inducing band with one made instead out of comfort and breathability. Keep it on while you figure out a metal that you’re not allergic to – or, hey, just keep it on forever. Your skin will thank you.


Needs Replacing? No Problem


man looking under bed with flash light


For the fidgety men, for the scatterbrained men, and for the men who have literally found their keys in the freezer on more than one occasion: you may need one (or, let’s be honest, multiple) silicone rings for back-up safety.


After all, if you lose or break your very-fancy-and-very-expensive wedding band – well, that’s going to be a very fancy and very pricey replacement fee.


A silicone wedding band, on the other hand, is inexpensive and very easy to replace. Even if it does end up in the freezer somehow.


Silicone Is the New … Um, Black. Well, Also It Comes in Gray


two foxtrot silicone bands


Women’s wedding bands have been changing and evolving for centuries, while men’s seem to have plateaued since … well, since they were first created in modern times.


Admittedly, the world of men’s wedding bands has expanded over the years (which you already know since you’re on our site); but a new door opened up when silicone arrived.


A lot of guys are replacing the traditional men’s metal wedding band with a men’s silicone wedding band; in some cases just for certain occasions, and in some cases permanently.


When it comes to ours, we’ve got both “classic black” and “lunar gray.” Plus, both are super breathable and super comfortable. A refreshing change from that “metal” one, don’t you think?


As a Summertime Go-To


man on beach jumping in water


Do your hands and fingers swell up in the summer heat?


That’s a rhetorical question because – well, everyone’s hands and fingers swell up in heat. Which, in your single days, was not a big deal; but now that you’re living with metal wrapped around your ring finger all day … that swelling can get very uncomfortable.



Silicone wedding bands, on the other hand (seriously, no pun intended), won’t suffocate your finger no matter how hot those summer days get. As a flexible, moisture-wicking material, it’ll rise and fall just like your finger size.


Have We Not Convinced You?


Hey, silicone isn’t for everyone. We get it.


But if that’s the case, could we perhaps interest you in one of our wide selection of Tungsten Rings? We’ve got various colors, various sizes, and various types to suit … various tastes. 


They’re durable, they’re classy, and, we’re telling you, they look good on absolutely any hand.


As always, if you have any questions just ask, that’s what we’re here for. You can email us at info@foxtrotbands.com or fill out our contact us form and someone on our team will be in touch within 24 hours.


We’ll make sure you receive the perfect size and top-notch customer service we pride ourselves on. We look forward to earning your business and hope that this was at least slightly more convincing than Pinocchio's motivation speech. Now get back to it you future silicone ring wearer, those beach waves aren't going to jump themselves.