8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Tungsten

Yes, there are more options than gold and silver for wedding bands, and for those looking for alternatives to those popular metals, let us introduce you to tungsten!




Why should you choose tungsten for an engagement or wedding band? That’s a fantastic question and one we are oh so very glad you asked--because we love talking about all things related to our favorite element, #74 on the Periodic Table of Elements.



tungsten periodic element




Tungsten is not only beautiful and lustrous it is one of the toughest and most reliable materials out there for wedding bands. 



How tough is it? 



  • Using a diamond cutting system, it takes approximately 10 minutes to cut a single drill from a block of tungsten.





Let’s take a look at 8 reasons why tungsten is undeniably the best choice for a wedding band.


1. Safety


man holding hammer with tungsten ring


Unlike gold, a tungsten wedding band can be quickly removed during an emergency. By applying a high amount of pressure (e.g. using vice grips--which emergency departments and most first responders have) the ring will shatter. With gold, the band would bend and contort around the finger. This could potentially cause pain and serious injury. 




It’s ability to be removed quickly during an emergency has made it a popular wedding band choice for welders, construction workers, electricians, and even police officers. 




If your ring is shattered or something unfortunate happens, please know we won’t leave you hanging. Learn about our warranty here.



2. Comfort



There’s a reason why our tagline is: “The most comfortable ring you’ll forget you’re wearing.” Tungsten is a dense metal that fits comfortably around the finger. Once you put it on you won’t want to take it off. 




The interior feels smooth against the skin and has the perfect weight--that makes you feel confident in knowing it is not going anywhere.



3. Color Variety 


man holding coffee cup with ring on his hand


Tungsten rings come in a wide variety of colors and shades. There are sophisticated shades of grey, edgy and show stopping black, and elegant rose gold. The brilliant colors allow for different styles and personalities to find joy in wearing these bands. 



4. Scratch Resistant


man with ring on his hand wearing a blue shirt



Tungsten rings are often referred to as forever polished because they maintain their lustre seemingly-forever. They also don’t get scratches or markings and don’t need to be buffed or polished very often, this is because it  has a remarkably high density and hardness rating.



5. Hypoallergenic



It is considered a hypoallergenic and safe option for the majority of people who experience negative effects from wearing non-hypoallergenic metals. There is no nickel in tungsten and generally people with sensitive skin or metal sensitivities find they won’t have any reaction to tungsten. 



6. Cleaning


person washing hands in water


Cleaning is as easy as...washing your hands, and we all definitely got that down pat! Well, just like washing your hands, it can be cleaned with warm water and any mild dish or hand soap. No special cleaning solution or trip to the jewelers necessary. Let the ring soak for a few minutes in the soapy water and then gently massage with a cloth before you pat dry, and be on your way.


7. Cost


The cost is significantly less than that of gold, silver, and other precious metals. Many people choose tungsten due to the cost being more affordable and budget-friendly than other metals. Also, if you lose a gold or silver band--which unfortunately does happen even to those who take the most precautions, it’s a much bigger financial hit to replace it. 



8. Appearance 


man holding hand with a black tungsten ring on it


The appearance of a tungsten wedding band is unique and stunning. It’s noticeably different from that of other metals. It has a natural shine that can only be replicated by gold or silver with some routine polishing and upkeep.



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Did we convince you yet?


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